• Refactors Core
  • Makes slideBy option independet of nav
  • Corrects update of navRewind
  • Corrects change event for position in carousel
  • Replaces indexOf with $.inArray in navigaiton plugin
  • Corrects to override in navigation plugin
  • Adds core overrides for navigation plugin
  • Corrects naming of plugins as object members
  • Corrects navText option of navigation plugin
  • Corrects slideBy option and adds events for navigation plugin
  • Corrects adaptive behaviour of the navigation plugin
  • fixed autoHeight plugin
  • fixed animate plugin
  • added autoHeight demo
  • fixed download link in subpages

Thanks to Artus Kolanowski for this amazing update

  • Separates navigation from core (nav,dots and hash)
  • Corrests and completes JSDocs comments
  • Replaces bind with $.proxy
  • fixed some events trigger two times on initilize
  • fixed lazyload bug
  • fixed stage active class calculation when using stagePadding
  • fixed translate callback
  • fixed fixed update function and update/updated events
  • included stagePadding demo